Welcome to Okushiobara Kogen Hotel.

We're a hot spring hotel where you can also enjoy hospitality of the onsen ryokan (Japanese-style hot spring hotel).

Our hotel is blessed by a natural environment at a location of approximately 1000m above sea level.

We're proud of the beautiful scenery of each season and the excellent hot spring quality.

Japanese leather-soled sandals

Please take off your shoes within the hotel area.
When moving between facilities in the hotel, please use slippers.
When going out to the garden or the carpark in the hotel, please use “Setta”(Japanese leather-soled sandals).

Japanese tea and snacks to go with tea

We'll serve you with Japanese green tea as a welcome drink upon your arrival.
Please also enjoy delicious Japanese confectionery together.

Tatami room

A tatami is a mat used to cover the floor in a Japanese room.
It’s made of bundled straw and covered with tightly woven rushes called igusa.
Japanese sit down and lie directly on the tatami taking off their shoes here.


You will find a yukata in the guest room.
Yukata is a kimono-style sleepwear.
You can also wear this to the public bath or to the public eating area.
Ladies can choose a favorite color yukata at the front door.


At night, you sleep in futon on the tatami floor except certain guest rooms.
The staff will spread out the futon on the tatami floor while you’re having dinner at the restaurant.

Internet access

Wireless internet is available in the lobby.
Wired internet is available in certain guest rooms.
Internet access is free of charge.

Toilet with shower

The Japanese have been using toilets with shower for over 30 years.
These toilets allow you to wash yourself with water of a comfortable temperature, and to dry yourself with breezy air.
These toilets are also equipped with heated seats and bidet.


Enjoy the milky turbidity hot water from the 100% fresh hot spring.

A private open-air onsen in which we can integrate ourselves with the nature.

Modern guest rooms aligned with various types.

A quiet environment that is nestled at an altitude higher than 1000m.

Basic Information

In/Out 15:00~17:30/10:00
Style of accommodation Japanese room & Japanese-Western room
Toilets Western style & Toilet with shower
Meals available Evening meal & breakfast
Number of rooms 22 rooms
Number of bath 8 places
Capacity 110 people
Smoking/Non-smoking Smoking
English speaking ability No

Tochigi Prefecture Shiobara of climate
( Temperature and precipitation )

Shiobara annual average temperature : 11.7 ℃
annual precipitation : 1526.1 mm
statistics period : 1981-2010

Private Onsen

The Japanese have loved hot spring bathing for a long time.
As there are many volcanoes in Japan, there are many hot springs.
Hot spring bathing makes your body relax and heals your heart.
We and other ryokan in Arayu hot spring area are pulling a hot spring from a source well in Mt.Iou.
Our spring consists of sulfur hot spring water with skin-beautifying effect, and you’ll enjoy yourself with a 100% free flowing hot spring.


Walking from the hotel for a distance of 2-3 minutes reaching Iou-yama, smoke comes out from the mountain creaing an amazing view for us.


People take off all their clothes entering a Japanese hot spring.
Our ryokan is equipped with gender-segregated public indoor bath and open air hot spring bath.
When going to a public bath, please take a bath towel and a small towel for washing your body from the guest room.
Please take off all your clothes and enter the public bath only with a small towel.
First wash your body with soap and then rinse thoroughly before entering the bathtub.
Please do not soak your towel in the bathtub.
Dry yourself with a towel before going back to the dressing room.

There is also an open air bath in front of the public bath with a washing place.
You can enjoy the landscape and feel the wind while taking a bath.


You can consider the private open air bath if you are reluctant to enter the public bath.
The private open air bath needs to be reserved per 50 minutes.
You can use the private open-air bath between 15:20-22:30.
Please do not wash your body in the bathtub.
Please do not pull out the bath plug.

■Accommodation(To make a reservation at time of check-in)
Available time 15:20 to 22:30
Charge 50 minutes 1,000 yen

■Day trip
Available time 12:00 to 15:00
Charge 50 minutes 3,000 yen

りんどう Rindo

This is the open-air bath made from sublime Western potteries.
It is oval in shape like a bathtub, in which you can comfortably stay stretching your legs .
100% fresh hot spring water.

やまゆり Yamayuri

This is an open-air bath of cypress Japanese style.
100% fresh hot spring water.

きすげ Kisuge

This is an open-air bath made of rare Mashiko.
100% fresh hot spring water.

もみじ Momiji

It is a barrier-free private onsen that elderly with bad legs can still use with ease.
In this bath like a semi-open-air bath with large windows fully opened, you can enjoy the natural scenery and the air of the four seasons .


It's like a resort hotel.

Monument carved by wood.

Setting up a studio in the local area, Nasu-machi, a work of sculptor Mukai Katsumi.


Free internet access is available.

Souvenir corner

We will prepare souvenirs of the local Nasu and its neighboring areas.
Alcohols such as sake and shochu can also be purchased here.

We have in total 22 guest rooms, divided in 5 different types in the main building and the new building. All rooms are equiped with wired LAN and shower toilets.

≪Basic equipment≫
Duvet, Toilet with shower, TV, Refrigerator, Safety Deposit Box, Hair dryer, Clothing deodorant spray

Yukata, Bath towel, Face towel, Toothbrush, Hair brush, Hairband, Cotton, After-shave lotion

If you have chosen the meal plan,(usually) dinner will be served at your room, while breakfast will be served at the restaurant.
Please note that dinner might be served at the restaurant based on different plans.

The new building - Japanese-Western style room

We have spacious Japanese-Western style rooms, as well as rooms with bath and toilet (stand-alone) type in the new building. It is available up to 6 people in a spacious and comfortable environment.
(Western-style room of 30 square meters with 2 Single Beds and Japanese-style room with 8 tatami mats)

Accomodation arrangement Japanese-style room 8 tatami mats (10 tatami mats) + Western (twin bed) + bath toilet
Capacity 2-6 people

Main building - Modern Japanese-Western style room

We have relaxing modern Japanese-Western style rooms . (2 single beds + Japanese-style room of around 6 tatami mats)

An open style room with big and wide windows. Internet can be accessed in the room. (Please bring you own PC)

Accomodation arrangement Japanese-style room of 6 tatami mats + Western-style room (twin bed) + toilet
Capacity 2-3 people

Main building - Modern Japanese-style room

We have relaxing modern Japanese-style rooms .
Window wide open took a sense of the room . Internet and I can enjoy in your room .(Please bring a personal computer .)

Accomodation arrangement Alcove + 8 tatami mats Japanese-style room + chair table space + toilet
Capacity 2-4 people

Main building - Modern Western-style room

We have a Western-style modern room with an image of Japan.
An open style room with big and wide windows. Internet can be accessed in the room. (Please bring you own PC)

Accomodation arrangement Twin low bed of Western-style (about 8 tatami mats) + toilet
Capacity 2 people

Main building - Japanese-style room

It is a retro standard Japanese-style room. (Main Building first floor with a Japanese-style room 8 tatami mats washlet toilet)

Handrails are well equipped in the toilet. We offer you at affordable rates to enjoy Shiobara's concentrated hot spring (sulfur Izumi).

※No air conditioning is available in the room. Although it is the cool Shiobara located one thousand meters above sea level, there are also days you feel hot in summer. Please note.

Accomodation arrangement Alcove + 8 tatami mats Japanese-style room + toilet
Capacity 2-4 people


As a general rule, dinner and breakfast are included.
We'll serve a meal at the restaurant or your guest room.
It's a Japanese course menu with cuisine made by carefully selected local ingredients.
A stay plan with a steak of Japanese Cattle is popular.


"Shun" is the time of the year when a certain food is the freshest and tastiest

One evening's dinner.
The photo shows the image of adding the optional standard menu (Tochigi wagyu steak).
Our hotel uses fresh ingredients incorporating the seasonal taste.
We wish from children or elderly can all enjoy their meals.
※The content of the dishes depends on the season.


Breakfast will be in Japanese Zen .

One morning's breakfast.
Boiled spinach, Ham, Cabbage, Tomato salad, Hot spring egg, Salmon, Pickled Wasabi, Eringi Mushroom, Soy milk, Seasoned laver, Rice, Miso soup, Pickle.

After breakfast, there is also a coffee for free (self-service) at the lobby.



Sake is a Japanese rice wine.
It has been enjoyed in Japan for a long time.
You can drink it hot or cold.
Its alcohol content is about 15%.


Shochu is a Japanese vodka made from rice, barley, or sweet potato.
Sake is fermented, but shochu is distilled.
Shochu has an alcohol content of about 25 to 45%.
You can drink barley and sweet potato shochu made from hot spring water at our hotel.
It is normally mixed with hot or cold water.

An introduction of the neighborhood.

Communal Bath

Around Iou-yama , there are three communal bath of different sources .
Both are located in a walking distance of a few minutes to the direction of maple line toll from the hotel.
The opening time is from early morning 6am until the evening 6pm.
Although it costs 300 yen, our customers can use it for free.

Shiobara nature study paths

Surrounding Iou-yama is the " Yuh nature study path " (ranging from the Arayu Hot Spring to Sumaki Fuji Orchards, penetrated by a path of 9.8km).
The path is divided into 5 main courses with introduction labels, explaining in an easy-to-understand way about the nature that surrounds.
While watching the fumaroles horizontally, passing by Arayu Fuji (1184m) to Shiogama Onsen via Onuma surrounded by virgin forest is a path of total 7.1km which is a popular good walker course.
This one is said to be the first nature study path in Japan.

Arayu Onsen shrine

Although the shrine as a guardian angel of the hot spring which was founded originally by Motoyu onsen,it collapsed in earthquake for twice, and later it was relocated to arayu onsen.
When it was moved from Motoyu onsen to Arayu onsen, although the stone steps and torii were also relocated, within all these the "sekidou" located at the center was also selected to be the Tochigi Prefecture designated tangible cultural property (archeology).

Hunter Mountain Shiobara

It is a ski resort that is proud of having a ski slope as long as 3,000m, which is the longest ski slope within the metropolitan area.
High comfort with a stretch Agareru gondola lift up to the top .
There are also family slopes and board parks. People who wants to challenge can enjoy.

Introduction of our pick-up service

【Pick up】
15:00 (Shiobara Onsen Bus Terminal)
★Reservation is required.
Time required About 10 minutes

【Send off】
From hotel departs at 9:30

Accommodation facilities & more details

Internet access Yes
Internet connection charges No
Pets Allowed No
Onsen hot springs on accommodation Yes


Service & tax
Service charge included, tax excluded (consumption tax & bathing tax 150 yen) Price of 1 adult
※ New Year, Obon ,seasonal periods such as the GW may be subjected to a different price.
Most common charge style Room with breakfast included (per person)
Room with evening meal and breakfast included (per person)
Cancellation ※Cancellation fee
1 week prior: 30% of the room rate
1 day prior: 50% of the room rate
Accomodation day: 100%
Payment Cash
Use international cash cards and credit cards to withdraw Japanese yen!
Family Mart (e-net ATMs)

Address : 4-10, Nakashiobara, Nasushiobara-shi, Tochigi, 329-2924, Japan


Name of accommodation OKUSHIOBARA KOGEN HOTEL
Address 113-4, Yumotoshiobara, Nasushiobara-shi, Tochigi, 329-2922, Japan